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Dam of Zetea

The environment of the Dam of Zetea and the Nagy Lak I. guesthouse!

The reservoir was established between 1978 and 1989 because of flood control purposes under the confluence of the Tarnava Mare River and the Sicasau creek, above Sub Cetate. Nowadays a small hydroelectric plant, situated under the dam, diligently produces "clean" electricity.

The 50 m high and 520 m long dam stores 15 million cubic meters of water, which lies on an area of about 140 hectares.

The Dam of Zetea tames the nimble white waters that rush down from the mountains into a wonderful artificial lake, which provides excellent fishing, bathing, hiking or boating opportunities.

The lake's water warms up pleasantly from the end of June until mid-August, so it is ideal for swimming. There aren't any beach areas designated, so the lake is recommended for those swimmers only, who are not afraid if the ground suddenly runs out beneath their feet! The lake shore is quite steep, so the water is deep near the coast, too. There aren't any swirls or barriers in the lake.

The lake is not dirty as trout live in it. The anglers don't need to have a fishing permit but they must buy a daily ticket on the spot!

The lake is surrounded by mountains and although there are all kinds of wild animals in our forests (bear, lynx, wolf, wild boar, stag, deer) you can hike or walk with maximum safety because wild animals avoid those places, where people appear!

Our guest house was built in a wonderful environment, directly on the lakeshore. You can observe the position of Nagy Lak I. and the lake or the proximity of the mountains on the aerial photos taken during paragliding.

Enjoy your stay!

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