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Yard / Garden

The Nagy Lak I. and Nagy Lak II. guest houses were built on a 2400 m2 plot and they are surrounded by a fence as well as a 3 meters high hedge. There is a 3 meters high hedge between the houses' yards, a natural border which separates the accommodations completely from one another. On those occasions when the two guesthouses are rented by the same group we ensure the passage directly through a small gate that lies between the two plots.

The yard of Nagy Lak I. was designed so that young and old can find the most appropriate activity for her/him and that the time on the accommodation is spent as pleasant as possible.

The Secler carved gate from 1879, the ox- cart and the sweep-pole well recall the atmosphere of the village life. The arbour, the outdoor barbecue and grill ensure your recreation. You can park your car in a private parking area.

Entertainment and sports facilities: (On the plot there are tracks and equipments that can be used for free) - ping-pong table, basketball backboard, volleyball and foot tennis court (with adjustable net height), - badminton, - swinging.

Recreation and Wellness: A heatable water vat is available for our guests that can be used in every season. Note: (on request) the jacuzzi can be filled with salted water. The 2-meter diameter, 120 cm deep, it"s filled with 3500 liters of water the "Secler Jacuzzi" ensures relaxation to 6-8 people.
Freshwater version: - for two days €60/water vat - each additional day €20/water vat

In case of a 10-day stay you will have the opportunity to attend a whole day horse-drawn carriage ride (in winter a horse-drawn sleigh ride) as our present that will help you to get acquainted with the beauty of the landscape.

The main features of the yard:
The 1200 m2 yard is fully surrounded by fence, (fence and hedge) and has a garden gate that can be locked

The yard is equipped with: (note: the use of the tracks/courts and equipments is free of charge)
Parking area
Wireless Internet (Payment is required - 1 Euro/day)
Outdoor fireplace (firewood provided)
Barbecue grill (equipment provided)
Near the grill there is a cold and hot- water sink
Bread oven
Plow disc cooker
Basketball backboard + ball
Foot tennis court + ball
Volleyball court + ball
Ping-pong table + racket and ball
Sand box
Outdoor shower (the sun heats the barrel painted black)
Deck chair
Water vat (Rentable - for the first two days 60 Euros/water vat - each additional day 20 Euros/water vat)
Sleigh (you can read more about the sleigh-ride here)
Night light:

Terraces and entrance doors
Parking area
Outdoor fireplace
Barbecue grill
Water sink
Plow disc cooker
Basketball backboard
Foot tennis court
Volleyball court
Ping-pong table
Sand box
Outdoor shower
Water vat
Rentable area:
All the buildings and the whole yard!
Frequency of cleaning:
At arrival and departure
The caretaker lives there:

Separately, on an adjacent plot
Mobile signal:

Pets allowed:
Smoking on the yard:
In the garage
On the yard, in the parking area
On the street
Distances in meters:
Main road 100 m
Riding centre 5000 m
Ski slope 20000 m
Gas station 4000 m
Grocery store 2000 m
Restaurant 22000 m

Bear watching
Wildlife park
Sailing (the equipment needs to be brought along)
Bicycle riding (rentable approx. 4-5 Euros/day/bicycle)
Horse riding
Carriage ride
Sleigh ride

If you want more program options, please click here!

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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