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Data protection declaration and cookies:

We use cookie files in order to personalize and improve your experience on our website. We inform you that we have updated our policies in order to integrate into the actual activities of the website with the recent modifications proposed by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. Before continuing to browse our website, please read and understand the contents of the Cookie Policy. By continuing to browse our website you acknowledge your acceptance of cookie usage according to the Cookie Policy.


Thank you for your confidence you have placed in the private company Nagy Arpad (domains:,, According to this we will handle your personal data carefully and honestly.  This data protection declaration refers to all the services related to the website and to the guest house offered by the company Nagy Arpad, hereinafter referred to as "Nagy Lak I Guest House".

Data collection:

"Nagy Lak I Guest House" can obtain data in the following ways and it handles them in an appropriate way:

Data collection from website visitors and/or from people who make bookings: 

When you make a booking at "Nagy Lak I Guest House" (or request for more information, for a price offer or when you finalize your booking etc.) using the website you specify your personal data needed for the booking process. Such information are for example: name, company name and company data, e-mail address, phone number, IP address, personal messages sent at the time of booking/request for an offer, details of the booking, home address and other data regarding the booking, account number or credit card number.

Upon arrival to the guest house:

According to the regulations of the "Nagy Lak I Guest House" upon your arrival you have to fill in a registration form and we have to register the guests’ data into the guest book, these are personal data as well. Such information is for example: name, place and date of birth, identity card number or personal number, home address, phone number.

"Nagy Lak I Guest House" uses the information and data registered into its system only for the purpose they have been registered. It does not transfer information regarding the booking to third parties.

Using and transferring data:

We do not use contact data registered on the website of "Nagy Lak I Guest House" (for example data offered during the registration or booking process or other similar situations) for marketing purposes and we won’t send you advertisements or other promotional messages.

"Nagy Lak I Guest House" does not transfer personal data registered on the website to third parties. However, if it is justified and inevitable, it can transfer these data to the competent authorities (these can be for example: different governmental or administrative organizations).


In order to be able to use the website of "Nagy Lak I Guest House" and the services offered by this you need to activate the cookies in your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera stb.). We use more types of cookies (for example cookies for optimizing the functioning of the website, cookies to remember the language and the currency selection, cookies for tracking the traffic sources and the use of content, consumer behavior and conversion tracking cookies) in order to make our website more user-friendly, personalized and in order to be able to offer quality services. 


The visitor of the website of "Nagy Lak I Guest House", using the website, accepts the Data Protection Declaration of "Nagy Lak I Guest House". "Nagy Lak I Guest House" respects all the above-mentioned information, but it does not take the responsibility for the direct or indirect damages resulted from the use of the website.


Please send your comments or notes to the following e-mail address:


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