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House rules

Guest house policy:

- On the day of your arrival it is required to fill in the check-in form (standard form of tourist authority)!

- The accommodation is occupied in a state of cleanliness.

- It is prohibited to use open fire in the room as the guest houses are built entirely of wood!

- Never ignite the stove by transporting the embers of a stove in another, as it can cause fire hazard! (Many times the embers fall and leave traces on the wooden floor!)

- The use of liquid solutions that help light the fire in the stove: oil, petroleum or gasoline are prohibited because they can cause explosions! (If embers remained from the previous fire and upon this we pour liquid solutions that help light the fire, it produces gas that can explode and can cause burns and massive damage). We ensure paper, kindling wood and firewood for fire ignition!

- The ash that remained from the fire is collected in the tin bucket. It is forbidden to pour the ash in the trash, because it can catch fire!

- Do not use the tiled stove to dry clothes! Forgotten laundry on the stove can ignite or melt.

- You can smoke in the yard. Please throw the cigarette butts into the ceramic ashtrays!

- For your safety, please close the gas cylinders after using them!

- Do not cover electric radiators as they may become too hot, therefore the resistance in them will burn out! For the drying of washed laundry we provide clothes dryer line and clothes drying rack!

- During the day, in case of leaving the guest house, please close the windows. In case of storms, the inflow of water through the open window will cause the strip floor to get wet and it will get damaged! If the windows remain open after your departure, then we reserve the right to close them in your absence!

- We accept pets at the guest house. Only those pets are allowed to enter the building, which are house-trained, and that don't chew, scratch or scrape the furniture. Please do not leave pets unattended in the house. It is prohibited to leave pets at home alone. In such cases - wanting to get out from the room - even the gentlest puppy can cause big damage to the door!

- We ask our guests, who like animals to feed stray dogs and cats outside the fence! For the same reason, please keep the entrance gate shut!

- The tap water is drinkable (it is verified by authorities). The water from the well may be used to cool drinks, to wash hands, irrigation etc. but it is unfit for human consumption.

- You can find sponges and carpets for the benches and chairs in the yard in the building located near the guesthouse. You will also find blankets that you can put on the green grass. Please do not use the bedspreads and blankets from the guest house, outside the building!

- Please keep quiet! It is not acceptable to use any kind of music installation in the courtyard. It is allowed to sing or play on musical instruments (e.g. violin, guitar, harmonica, etc.).

- We are always grateful if you draw our attention to any irregularities (e.g. dripping tap, squeaky door or door, that doesn't shut, etc.).

- Please keep your accommodation and furniture in their original condition!

- Damage caused to the accommodation must be resolved on the spot. We don't claim compensation if objects go wrong or break because of their use. In this case, please let us know so we can fix them quickly.

- We reserve the right to select our guests!

Thank you very much for your kind attention and understanding!

Enjoy your stay!

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