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Guesthouse in winter

Why do we recommend our accommodation for the winter season to your attention?
Because the guesthouse is easily accessible in winter, too. Because from here you can easily reach the sights of Transylvania with "star-like" trips. Because in winter there are meaningful hiking opportunities near the accommodation. Because the guesthouse lies in a beautiful environment, being built near the forest and the lake. Because its yard was designed to meet all demands. Because the guesthouse is heat-insulated and its premises can be separately heated! (In case of choosing the suitable accommodation, a very important criterion is the possibility of providing warmth continuously!). Because the guesthouse is spacious, well-equipped and it is tastefully furnished. I could go on and on enumerating the arguments, but I won't, not to engender the idea that I excessively try to exalt my merchandise. Instead of this, let the photos on the website, the realistic descriptions and the houses' guestbook talk.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides on Harghita!
You may share unforgettable experiences if you opt for a horse-drawn bell-sleigh ride. The softly shimmering sleigh, the clatter of the horses' hooves on the pure, white, snow-capped landscape is the key to your recreation. The well-covered passengers are overmastered by quiet magic, while the horse-drawn sleigh runs with them on the untouched roads of Harghita in the winter landscape. Mulled wine is responsible for the good mood!
In case of a 7-night booking of Nagy Lak guesthouse, the horse-drawn sleigh ride program is free of charge! You can read more about the program by clicking on the following link: Horse-drawn sleigh rides on the Harghita!

Skiing on Harghita!
The nearest ski resort is 20 km away from the guesthouse, on the Harghita Madaras (1801 m). A total of 4,8 km of slopes can be found here at an altitude of 1500 to 1760 m above sea level. Skiing is available from the end of December until early April.

- slope for beginners 100 m
- blue slope 1800 m
- red slope 1500 m
- black slope 600
- extreme slope 700 m

Ski lifts:
- T-bar lift 650 m
- T-bar 700 m
- Chair lift 270 m
- Student lift 200 m

We wish you a pleasant relaxation!

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