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Dear travelers in Transylvania,

My name is Arpad Nagy, and together with my wife Melinda, we are your
hosts at the Nagy Lak chalets.

Dear Guests!

Nature has blessed Seklerland by giving it more of its treasures than
to other places. Our task is to ensure the best possible conditions to
our guests in order for them to discover this beautiful countryside

What else could be a host's mission in the world, than that of
conjuring a home-like environment to the visitor for a couple of days
or weeks, as the walls, the furniture or the roof alone don't become
like home. We were already aware of this fact, when we designed and
executed the items that offered comfort to our guests. We also know
that this investment could be revived only through our hospitality,
therefore we complement the comfort of the guesthouse with a smile, a
kind word or even a home-made taste!

It is no coincidence that our motto is: "You arrive as a guest, but
leave as a friend"

If you would like to spend your holiday in an intimate and friendly
environment, please make note of our accommodation offers!

The Nagy family is waiting for every traveler with arms wide open!

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